Domki letniskowe nad morzem

Apartment cottages by the sea with high standards – find out 5 reasons why you should!

Going on vacation to the Polish seaside, many people wonder which place to stay and stay overnight will be suitable, so that the whole vacation will be successful.

We understand this perfectly, so in today’s article we have prepared as many as 5 reasons why you should choose modern and beautiful cottages from our offer.

At the very end of the article there is an additional bonus information waiting for you!

Reason 1: Increased standard

During the design of the cottages we took care of your comfort, so each room, as well as the common area, is characterized by many amenities that will make your stay with us memorable for a long time.

A full list of things that await you in the kitchen and bathroom can be found here ?

The living room is the largest part of the cottage, so it’s the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones – it will probably be used by you most often, which is why you’ll find a double sofa bed with a sleeping function, a table with four chairs, a chest of drawers, a TV, a comfortable armchair for relaxing, a coffee table, deck chairs and a screen, an iron and ironing board, and an air conditioner with a heating function.

Reason 2: Additional attractions (pool houses!)

The attractions we have prepared for you are:

Complete peace of mind and comfort – this will provide you with a number of appliances that will relieve you of many chores, such as a dishwasher, air conditioning, a covered terrace with a garden.

The terrace, in particular, is appreciated by those who appreciate full privacy and want a dedicated place to relax without stress.

The playground is available to all residents of the resort, and in addition we have also prepared a large heated swimming pool along with a sunbathing area.

During the evening hours, the pool sparkles with colors, which adds to the atmosphere!

In the pool there is a separate place for the little ones – a paddling pool with a depth of 0.4 meters.

Reason 3: Beautiful and quiet neighborhood

Only 200 meters from the beach!

Vacation means for you rest far from the hustle and bustle of the city and the constant noise? If so – you have come to the perfect place!

You are only a few minutes walk from the beach, which has beautiful views, and even in high season is relatively free of tourists.

The upper bedroom also overlooks the lake, so the sunrises and sunsets will be perfectly visible!

Reason 4: Thoughtful location

Kopań – niedocenione miejsce, gdzie znajdziesz spokój i kontakt z przyrodą bez obecności tłumów!

Rekomendujemy, aby odwiedzić trasę rowerową Eure Velo 10 – to doskonałe miejsce na długi spacer lub rowerową wycieczkę z całą rodziną, piękne widoki dodatkowo zbudują klimat aktywnego wypoczynku na świeżym powietrzu!

Dodatkowo pobliskie miejscowości zapewniają, że jeśli tylko zechcesz odwiedzić inne miejsca lub skorzystać z innych atrakcji, będzie to możliwe.

W niedalekim promieniu znajdują się miejscowości:

1. Darłowo – popularny kurort nadmorski,

2. Wicie – środek polskiego Wybrzeża Bałtyku wraz z mini zoo,

3. Jarosławiec – Aquapark lub np. muzeum bursztynu,

4. Dolina Charlotty – wiele atrakcji, zaledwie 40 minut drogi w jedną stronę.

Jak sam widzisz – domki apartamentowe zapewnią Ci wspaniałe miejsce na wypoczynek, a okolica sprawi, że atrakcji nie będzie końca!

Reason 5: Boho style – an incredible vibe

The boho style has been gaining popularity for many years – it is loved by thousands of people all over the world, so we have prepared all apartment houses just for this decor!

Aesthetic combination of colors and furniture and beautiful accessories in dark colors work together to create an atmospheric place, so every moment spent in the apartment house will be long in your memory.


That’s it!

And now it’s time for a recap and the promised bonus!

To sum up – choosing climatic cottages by the sea with so many attractions and opportunities to spend time together with loved ones, turns out to be a good decision!

Even in case the weather does not work out, you have a number of other options to choose from – we put your comfort first!

We realize that you want to know exactly what you’re signing up for when you book your date with us… so as a bonus, we’ve prepared a gallery that accurately depicts the high-standard cottages from each location, as well as the beauty of the area!

Click the link and see for yourself that a holiday by the sea will relax you!