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Leisure at the seaside, or how to make sure your vacation is successful?

Weather that doesn’t live up to your expectations for several days in a row….

A place that does not meet your expectations….

Lack of additional attractions within a radius of a few or several kilometers….

Constant noise and stress of planning….

The above situations very often spend sleep in the minds of many people who are just planning their vacation.

Fortunately, in today’s article we will effectively show you what to pay attention to when planning your vacation with your family. From now on it will become incredibly easy and, most importantly… pleasant for you.

Vacation by the sea or in another part of the country?

The first aspect is to determine where you care to spend those long-awaited days of the year.

Here the matter is simple – you want to spend your vacation at the seaside – be sure to read this article to the very end.

First of all, determine:

  1. the places you want to visit and see,
  2. the attractions that interest you,
  3. the type of activity you prefer (e.g. active walking, swimming, sunbathing),
  4. The length of the route to your chosen destination,
  5. Budget for the entire trip.

Ready? Then let’s move on ?

Vacation time – choose the right attractions!

Without a doubt, the number of places you visit, their nature and the type of attractions you can see is closely related to the length of your trip.

That’s why it’s important to determine how many days of your vacation you want to devote to sightseeing, enjoying attractions and active recreation in nature.

With this information, you can check the specific distances between your rental and the location you need to get to.

Here we recommend that most of the places you plan to visit by the sea are no more than 20 minutes away by car!

Choosing a beautiful cottage, a key aspect of a successful vacation!

The most beautiful attractions, wonderful places to visit and beautiful surroundings… this, however, will be of no use if you do not have a cottage, room or modern apartment booked!

After all, this is where you will truly be able to relax and get a decent night’s sleep!

Even when the weather doesn’t spoil, the cottage should be a place that will fully compensate you for this.

That’s why, if you have decided to relax by the sea, by the beach, and you care about a higher standard and comfort on every square meter then… welcome to the picturesque and beautiful village of Kopan!

Why should you come here and book a boho-style cottage for yourself?

domki w stylu boho

First of all – atmospheric decor and privacy!

In the cottage each person has his own balcony, where you can spend time without stress – it provides complete privacy and comfort.

Every room inside and the exterior design is stunning in its aesthetics!

Second – practical solutions and rich equipment.

Two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a living room – in each of them you will find a lot of appliances that will allow you to take care of your tidiness in just a few moments and relieve you of your daily chores.

Third – an apartment with a swimming pool!

In the common area we have prepared for you a swimming pool, where the water sparkles with different colors during the evening hours, which will additionally provide an incredible atmosphere. In addition, we have prepared an attraction for the little ones in the form of a paddling pool with a depth of 0.4 meters and a playground.

Fourth – the surroundings and views

Kopan, as well as nearby towns, are characterized by beautiful views, so sunrises and sunsets are especially appreciated by our customers.

Many attractions, such as the bike path and the beach are just a few minutes’ walk from the cottage – even during the season there are relatively few people there, so you will be able to relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

And if you’re planning a longer trip, you’re no more than an hour’s drive away from other well-known destinations to explore!

You can find a full list of attractions and all photos showing the beautiful boho decor of our cottages here!