What exactly for you in your boho house?

Apartment house
One of the most common fears that customers have when booking a flat cottage for their holiday is… the lack of an accurate representation of the offer and showing this in pictures!

Unfortunately, but often many customers have had unpleasant experiences that have been able to spoil the whole trip, so they now approach visible offers on the internet with less confidence when it comes to renting cottages.

On our website you can find exactly what we have prepared for you in beautiful boho cottages, however, we have created an additional article – in it you will find what is waiting for you in the beautiful village Kopañ and its surroundings.

We invite you to read it!

Furnishing of each cottage – your comfort comes first, i.e. choose an elevated standard!

The cottage is waiting for you:

One guest room,


Two bedrooms, which can accommodate a total of 5 people.

Each room is characterised by an aesthetic combination of furniture, materials and colours, making it a real pleasure to spend time in them.

In addition, when designing them, we made sure to make your stay as easy as possible and to take your mind off everyday chores, such as washing the dishes.

There are separate electronics and white goods in each room, so that during your holiday you will be able to focus on what’s best – relaxing by the sea or by the dunes ? .

You can find the full schedule here – there’s a bit of it! ?

Common area – flat cottages with swimming pool and playground

The moment you want to get out of your bungalow or spend time outside on your private terrace, there is an attraction that many customers appreciate. It’s the wonderful swimming pool that can become a particularly pleasant and comfortable place to spend time – during sunny days you’ll feel as if you’re on an exclusive holiday in an exotic part of the world.

The water in the pool sparkles in different colours in the evening… we guarantee – the effect in the photos is amazing!

The pool is also suitable for the youngest members of the family – a separate paddling pool with a depth of 0.4 metres is sure to please.

But if that wasn’t enough, there’s a pleasantly designed playground for all the children, where the long hours will fly by incredibly quickly.

This will ensure that parents can relax by the pool while their little ones have a great time.

Beautiful surroundings – find the right place for a walk!

However, that’s not all – the moment the weather suits you and allows for more activities outside the modern cottages, you can go for a wonderful walk!

We’ll say straight away that the area’s biggest plus point is… its underestimation by most tourists!

This means that even during peak hours in the middle of the season, the area is not besieged by hundreds of people, so that any outing will prove wonderful for any person who particularly values privacy in their life and wants a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the noise.

Above all, a beautiful beach awaits you in the area, from where you can watch the sunrises and sunsets (you can also see the lake from the first floor!).

In addition to this, you can go for a long walk, cycle along the Eure Velo 10 or learn horse riding!

All this will make it the best holiday of your life!

Photos – see the atmospheric decor before booking

Słowa to jednak nie wszystko, co dla Ciebie przygotowaliśmy!

Wiemy, że przed podjęciem odpowiedniej dla siebie decyzji, chcesz obejrzeć dokładnie, co na Ciebie czeka, aby już móc poczuć ten piękny klimat!

U nas to możliwe – przygotowaliśmy pełną galerię zdjęć, gdzie dokładnie widać każde pomieszczenie!

Kliknij link i przekonaj się sam, że styl boho potrafi zapierać dech w piersiach!