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Get ready for an unforgettable holiday in Kopań!

Kopań Kabana – This is how we named our holiday homes. It is, of course, associated with Brazil’s famous Copacabana beach. Not without reason! You may not experience a crowd of Latinos dancing the samba here (although… who knows?), but you’ll have more fun than ever and recuperate before returning to the drudgery of everyday life. Find out why Kopan Kaban is the perfect holiday destination for you and your whole family!

200 m From the Beach

You certainly dream of a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, don’t you? Then you have come to the perfect place. We offer relaxation in superbly furnished, split-level cottages that are 200 metres from the beach! The upper bedroom also overlooks the lake, so the natural circumstances are unforgettable. Beautiful views are a daily occurrence here, although the luxury we offer is not to be forgotten either.

Peace and Convenience

It is worth mentioning that each cottage has two bedrooms. There is also a sofa bed in the living room, so the whole cottage can accommodate 7 people in total. There is also a fully equipped kitchen (which includes a dishwasher). Our guests’ thermal comfort is taken care of by the air conditioning and their privacy by the large, partially covered terrace with an intimate garden, which is fenced off from the others. This gives all our guests their comfort zone – a space where they can relax without stress. There is a separate entrance to each cottage. Our newly built cottages are clean, well-maintained, luxurious and will meet the expectations of even the most capricious holidaymakers – we guarantee it! However, the high standard of our complex is not everything. The beautiful surroundings are also worthy of note. Once you fall in love with it, you won’t want to leave.


A common point is the large heated swimming pool and playground available to all residents of the resort. It is an excellent place for integration and great fun for the little ones. The 1.39m deep pool has a separate 0.4m deep paddling pool for the little ones. The heated water makes it a place you won’t want to leave! For those who like to swim in the evening, the pool sparkles with the colours of the rainbow.

Kopań - An underestimated
pearl of the Baltic Sea

Kopań is a picturesque village, and one of those that are not typical tourist resorts. As such, you can count on complete peace and privacy, as well as excellent natural surroundings. Notable among other things is the extremely charming Eure Velo 10 cycling route, which is ideal for a walk or a bike tour.

It is worth mentioning that bicycles are available to our guests for a small fee.
This is an excellent opportunity to also explore the surrounding towns and villages, such as for example Darłowo, Wicie czy Jarosławiec.

After a cycling tour, you can recuperate on the beach, which is relatively empty even in high season, which is an incredibly pleasant change after observing what happens in the most famous resorts. Here, everyone has their fair share of space to themselves and relaxation is much more enjoyable. The beach or the dike are not the only attractions to be found in the area. Not far away is a stud farm, where you can easily learn to ride a horse, even if you have not experienced this form of recreation before.

Don't delay

Kopań Kabana is the ideal holiday destination for the whole family. Our cottages are modern and well-equipped, while the surroundings are beautiful and attractive, also in terms of the small number of tourists. If you fancy an unconventional, unforgettable holiday, then don’t hesitate and book your stay now. We guarantee that you will want to come back to us more than once.

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