Luna park Krasnal Darłowo

Nearby towns – even more attractions during holidays by the sea!

In other articles on our blog, we show you the many advantages that stand out to our customers when staying in boho-style cottages. Facilities, privacy and comfort!

Today, however, we’d like to show you that the location where the beautiful flat cottages are located is rich in activities, and the nearby towns will ensure that you won’t have time to be bored!

Beautiful cottages by the sea – a thoughtful location

If you love active holidays and want to devote some of your time during your holiday to sightseeing with your loved ones or to other attractions – then we have great news.

Below you will find as many as 4 towns, which are at most a few tens of minutes away from the cottages, so you will be able to try many attractions at the same time without wasting a lot of time on travelling by car.

The location of Kopañ means that people who do not want to go anywhere else can find quiet beautiful spots for themselves! But also all those who are looking for new opportunities to experience many attractions will be satisfied!

A variety of attractions, meaning there’s no room for boredom!

Some people prefer more subdued attractions, while others want to feel a touch of adrenaline during their holiday to recharge with positive energy and to be able to say that the holiday can be counted as a success.

We understand this very well, which is why we present below a list of destinations where you are sure to find something suitable for you … and your family! ? ? You can also find a similar list here.

You will also find a similar list here when booking – click and see for yourself!

Darłowo – seaside resort

It is a true paradise for tourists – tens of thousands of them visit this picturesque village every year, as it abounds with many beautiful attractions and places to visit and take a souvenir photo!

What exactly can you find in this beautiful and atmospheric location?

The Dwarf Lunapark – a great place to have fun with the whole family,

Cruises – especially recommended at sunset,

The fishing harbour and the original swinging bridge,

Rope park,

Many monuments that are landmarks on the city map,

The water tram and the possibility to cruise inside!

A lighthouse that is more than 130 years old!

All this means that you can easily spend the whole day exploring Darłowo.

We recommend having your camera with you, as the number of beautiful views will be enormous!

Wicie – Baltic Coast

Here you will find a mini zoo!
The village itself is called the middle of the Polish Baltic coast, so you can be sure that sunrises as well as sunsets will be unbelievably beautiful!

Jarosławiec – something different for everyone!

This village is also famous for its various attractions.

There are really many of them, and it is here that you are able to find many restaurants where you can have a delicious breakfast, lunch or a romantic dinner!

If we were to single out specific places worth noting first, we would recommend:

The Amber Museum,

The Parrot House – especially worth a visit!

Charlotta Valley – only 40 minutes away from the flat houses

Less than an hour’s drive separates you from finding yourself in a village where you will find, among other things:

  1. a zoo with many animals,
  2. a sealarium,
  3. a water safari,
  4. amphitheatre,
  5. possible concerts and cabarets and stand-up shows,
  6. fairyland.

You have to admit it yourself – it looks like an interesting entertainment ? .


As you can see – the number of possibilities is really large, so you don’t have to worry about managing your time… boredom will certainly not touch you by choosing our modern yet beautiful flat cottages with swimming pool.

You can find more details and, most importantly, photos here!