Domek Letniskowy Kopań Kabana

Why rent a vacation home for a holiday?

Many people, when planning a trip with the family, a long-awaited vacation or vacation, have to choose the right place where they can stay for that time… on the surface – it is not so easy!

Good location, tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the city and additional attractions – these are just a few issues that you should take care of when choosing your desired place for a holiday by the sea.

It is especially important that these are cottages or a hotel of a higher standard, so that you and others can adequately relax… after all, this is what vacation is all about!

Boho style houses – what makes modern apartment houses stand out?

Superior comfort and good location – these are the two main features that we must mention when talking about the advantages of our cottages at the sea.

In our apartment cottages, first of all, you will find:

  1. living room,
  2. kitchenette,
  3. a comfortable bathroom,
  4. two bedrooms.

The living room is a great choice to spend time with loved ones and relax properly… especially when the weather outside is not going to be great – through all the activities you won’t even notice that you’re missing something!

The kitchenette is equipped with a microwave, electric kettle, induction hob, full tableware and a toaster along with a coffee maker.

All this will make delicious breakfasts, as well as other meals extremely pleasant and fast… in addition, the dishwasher will allow you not to waste time on stubborn manual washing of dishes.

In the bathroom, towels, a freestanding dryer, a hair dryer and a beautiful shower cabin will be waiting for you.

The bedrooms have been perfectly designed to accommodate up to 5 people, so that the whole family’s stay will be comfortable. In the bedrooms you will find dressers, bedside lamps, a double bed, as well as single beds and a chest of drawers along with tables.

In addition, we point out that in the rental price you receive, of course, utilities, electricity, water, WiFi and… one parking space, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your car.

Attractions nearby

During your vacation, you are also sure to enjoy activities and sightseeing places – take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit beautiful places, you will also find this right next to the high standard apartment houses!

Kopan – here a particularly famous place is the Eure Velo 10 bicycle route!

Going for a walk or a ride you will feel peace and privacy, because this place, despite its beautiful charm… is often overlooked and underestimated by tourists – this, of course, has its advantages!

If you care about a souvenir photo with beautiful views – this will certainly be the right choice for you!

Just a few moments away from the bike path, a beautiful beach awaits you, the views of which can take your breath away, especially at sunset! What is worth noting additionally – the beach is relatively empty even during the season, so that staying there will turn out to be a real relaxation. The absence of a large number of people will result in the opportunity to observe what is happening in other resorts by the sea.

To get to these places you do not need a large amount of time or involving your car – the way to them you can easily cover on foot!

Beautiful cottages by the sea will provide you with an atmospheric experience, so that your vacation will be successful and free from the stresses of everyday life!

Book your place and make yourself comfortable!